Tuesday 2 November 2010

Crepe flower tutorial

Hello Everyone :)
Today's tutorial is from C4E waitress Pinky!
This is my tutorial for crepe paper flower. Please remember I have never done a tutorial before, I had to take the photos with one hand while working with the other and the light was terrible. So here goes, hope it helps you, its really easy but if you don't get the drift just say.

 Cut yourself two rough circles about 2inches in diameter, one rough circle a little bit smaller. Cut one strip of crepe about an inch wide and about the length of an a4 page (you can adjust these measurements bigger or smaller depending on the finished size you want to achieve).

Scrunch the circles tightly then gently unfold but don't flatten them as you want to keep the wrinkle effect.

Take the narrow strip and start to roll to create the centre of your rose.

As you roll twist the paper over, roll and twist like this till you get to the end of the strip.
Finish the piece off by securing with a glue dot (these are best as they don't wet the crepe paper).

You should have something that looks like this (yours will probably be better!) Put a glue dot in the centre of each circle and pop one on top of the other. Add 4 or 5 glue dot to the rose centre and position in the flower circles. You might squash the centre at this stage but crepe is very forgiving. Use your pokey tool to reshape it.

Your flower is now finished. You can add a little bit of glue with a glue pen and sprinkle some glamour dust or you can spray with some spray and sparkle like I did with this one.

Hope you can understand this, sorry for the terrible photos.


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