Saturday 31 July 2010

July Crop - 1st Birthday!!

Hello everyone :)
The C4E crop celebrated it's First Birthday this month! One of the games we played was a 3 word story game. A piece of paper was passed around the group a couple of time, each person had to write 3 words to continue the story.
Here's our story....

There once was - a happy crafter - she loved nothing - more than getting - stuck into her - tea and biscuits - stamping with tea - making a mess - crumbs in layout - ink on nose - dirty messy hands - Just when she - couldn't get much - messier she discovered - the art of - cutting straight lines - is lost too - curvy is better - bigger and bolder - yellow and pink - cupcakes and ice creams - spots and stripes - curly wurly chocolates - are all inspiration - and very fattening!!!!!!
 I guess we drink tea and eat chocolate a lot at the crop lol!!

We had Birthday cake....
cream tea.......

and fizz!!!!!

But we did do some great scrapping too!

You can see all the girls layouts in the C4E Crop gallery.

After all the yummy cake, fizz and scrapping there was enough time to get these great shots of the girls :)

The next crop is September 19th, if you would like to join us please contact me ( for all the details.
Have fun!
Michele :)

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