Tuesday 2 August 2011

Treasured Photo

 Hello everyone :)
Have you seen These fabulous gadgets?
It scans old negatives and slides in to your computer so you can then re-print old photos.
I've had a wonderful time seeing old photos I never knew existed.
I created the Treasured Photo layout to record this new gadget and the lovely memories it has given us.

The focus for this layout was not the story you see in the photo but more about having these photos and how we will treasure them even though they may be blurry!

The layout has a very 70's feel with these gorgeous DP's from Crate Paper and My Minds Eye which are available in the C4E store.

Next time you are sorting through your photos and go to throw out the not quite perfect ones, stop and think could it tell a different story? Would someone 30 years from now treasure that imperfection?
Have Fun!
Michele :)

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